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"Trey Wanvig has got it going on big time. In my opinion his playing is far and above the most mature and tasteful of the new crop of blues guitarists. Make no mistake, when it's time to bring the fire, Trey's ready to strike that match!"


                                               - Tas Cru

"Trey's playing stood out to me, played tasty licks and had a great tone."


                                               - Bob Margolin

"Trey is a natural player! He has an amazing feel to this music. The future is bright for this young phenom!"
                                                  - Annika Chambers
"Trey Wanvig is an amazing talent that plays far beyond his years. His chops and feel are well beyond his age. After sharing the stage with some of the most elite musicians in the world, I can honestly say that Trey will become an artist that others will aspire to."
                                                 - Rick Brothers
                                     Drummer for Brian Howe's Bad Company
“Over the years, I’ve had many sessions playing with some kid who’s being touted as the “new savior of the Blues” or some such nonsense. Usually they’re pretty good - solid fundamentals, good tone - but they’re lacking that one element that only time and experience can give, namely depth of feeling, and the understanding that oftentimes, less is more. Recently, I had the opportunity to play with Trey Wanvig, and I can honestly say, this kid is the real deal! He sounds like a seasoned road warrior, with years of experience playing in roadhouses and juke joints across the country. Killer tone, great lines, and an innate ability to lay back and listen, which is a skill that simply can’t be taught. Yeah, he can shred, but he can also play simply, with a depth of feeling that belies his ridiculously young age. Playing with Trey gave me hope for the future of Blues. Check him out. I think you’ll dig him!”
                                                 - Steve Geller
                                      Bassist for Davy Jones / Ray Manzarek

"Take the opportunity NOW,

to say 'I saw him back when...' LATER!"

                                                 - Charlie Boyer
                                                    Jazz Blues Florida
"Trey Wanvig inspires creativity. His approach to the blues is that of a much older soul. It's haunting and reminiscent of the Gatton/Bonamassa days. If this is what you get at 16, I can't wait for graduation. Remember the name Trey Wanvig."
                                                 - Michael Peck
                                   Drummer for Bob Messano / The Moments
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